Duo Grace

Anna Berezhny – piano, vocals, composition

Alexander Berezhny – saxophone, clarinet, flute, vocals, composition

Alexander and Anna Berezhny are professional musicians and music teachers. They capture their audience not only with the performances of classical music pieces, or traditional Klezmer music (Jewish music), but also impress with their own compositions, especially their jazz variations to Psalms on saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano.

2009 they released their first album "Praise To The King", and 2013 followed the second one "Let's Be Happy".

The Duo performs on various occasions and events, for example: concerts, church services, weddings, birthdays, conferences and exhibitions.

"Impressive: Most of the time, the two professionals present their own compositions. Relaxed jazz, perfect for a mild summer evening. Love songs, mutually written, sung in different languages, often set to psalm texts. ... - pure joie de vivre is transferred to the audience."
Murnau daily newspaper

"Anna and Alexander move their audience. When they reach for the instruments, they know how to inspire their audience right from the beginning in the multi-faceted world of ”Klezmer” music."

"They offer “Klezmer” music to their listeners in a very authentic way, which they skillfully combined with Jazz elements, and that way create almost their own style."

(From a concert review of the Duo Grace, Sunday Wuppertal Edition)

Hertener Allgemeine
Hertener Allgemeine

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